A Year Already?!?

Always look up.

Well that went fast. One year since I started this little blog. It has been good for me personally to have a place to come and purge some of the things that build up in me. I am not so sure if it means anything to anyone else but it’s been a fun outlet either way.

When you have a chance to reflect on a years time, you see how much changes in those 365 days. Last year I was working in the kitchen at a middle school. This year, I went back to school and am going to get my real estate license. Major game changer. It was important for me to take that first step, no matter how crazy it seemed. I couldn’t imagine not doing it. My life will be full of crazy first steps as time goes on. It’s so important to be in charge of YOU and do whatever it is that makes you feel your best.

While selling my first home and buying my second home, I went through some really deep changes. Selling my home pissed me off a lot. People were rude with their comments about my house, constantly trying to get everything for nothing, wanting to see the house at asinine times….on and on it went. I am surprised I didn’t have a heart attack from all the stress. All it took was the one family who saw it, bought it and didn’t ask us to do a damn thing. They wanted in and we wanted out. We got very lucky there and it was a smooth transaction. But all of those experiences and feelings I went through are filed in my memory bank and someday I will help someone else going through it. The whole process actually made me want to be on the other end someday. My realtor was the best person for us. She was so patient and professional. Such a great lady. I admire her in so many ways that I hope to be as good as her once I get going.

The attraction to homes has been a constant throughout my life. My sister and I would play a game in the backseat as we drove through a pretty wealthy upper class neighborhood to pick up our father at work. We would play “That House For Thanksgiving.” River Forest, IL. Curb appeal at it’s finest. Basically it was what house did we think looked the best to go to for Thanksgiving? The kind of house that is warm, inviting, people are laughing and having a good time. It works for Christmas too, but sometimes for Christmas it’s not always the biggest and most beautiful houses that get the vote. Sometimes the smaller, modest homes get the vote with the lights and love they put out. I have been through some older neighborhoods that had better Christmas lights than brand new neighborhoods.

Yep, we would pick out our favorite houses and somewhere inside of me a seed was planted to have that someday. It took 4 years of searching and our realtor out of the blue showing us a house that gave this to me. I know I am repetitive but quite often my husband says he loves it here. The only thing that would make it better is if it was in TN or TX. IL is a mess right now. πŸ€ͺ

We all love it here and are so thankful to be here. A year ago I was dreaming it and now we are living it. Hopefully we keep that momentum going. 2019 will be a year for making some new goals and getting the most out of our efforts. It’s a very exciting time. Amazing what happens when you start with a thought and add a little action to that thought.

Hopefully this blog will take an upward direction. I guess I am still learning about what it takes to have a successful blog presence. Some people have so many followers! How did they do that? 😯 It seems the ones who post every day get more feedback. Maybe once I take my real estate test I will have a little more time. I have been studying for two months straight with little going on elsewhere. Priorities right?

I do appreciate all of you who are following me. I hope to make it a fun place to visit sharing my passions and insight. I get my braces off in January and then I will probably post videos. I did a few test videos and I just don’t like how I sound or look having braces. That has been a journey for me as well and to think it will be over 5 months earlier than expected is another dream come true. There is a whole new woman going to emerge from me with a smile of confidence. 😁 Thanks to some of my rock n roll brothers, they have made the braces fun for me. I love having crazy friends who make me feel good even in this awkward chapter. 😘

Looks like the time is ticking today and I need to get going. I hope you enjoy your Sunday! I will be at my real estate teachers with our class studying. Not a Bloody Mary football watching day for me. 😩

Have a great week before we kick off the holiday season!!

Cheers! 🍻

Andrea πŸ’‹

Every morning we are blessed with the sunrise.

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