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Hello out there!! Today my Facebook told me for about the twentieth time that people who follow my page haven’t heard from me in awhile. Time has a way of slipping away quickly these days. Well it’s football season!! The boys have had an incredible start. The hard work they did in the summer is really paying off with the wins they have had so far! I am making sure everyone has everything they need to thrive, Rob is busy with the business and CoCo and Louie couldn’t be better company for each other.

I have never had a cat quite like Louie before. Louie could care less about settling for the night in your lap. He’s very independent and not very affectionate like other cats. He is quite playful though, and the rougher the better. He’s a demon cat. Satan in fur. He bites on your knuckles. You have to be careful on stairs because he will decide that’s a good time to check your pulse with his teeth in your ankle.

The little shit!!! But he is so stinking cute. Louie can be naughty but it’s part of his charm. Most of the time he sleeps. But he needs constant stimulation when he’s up. I see a buddy cat in the future to keep him entertained. Don’t worry relatives. Louie will be far away in hiding when you come to visit.

I can’t forget my girl CoCo. She had a doosie of an end to summer. Poor girl had a gland erupt. A couple trips to the vet for meds and a close eye on her and she healed quickly. 12 years old, my pretty Pitt is. She is the best dog anyone could ever ask for. Mostly sweet, but she can be a beast when she wants something. Nobody is shy in my house. Not even the pets!

They have become pretty good friends.

I did recently have my fur nephew Cino visit. My sisters dog is such a character. He is a big boy. Kinda like a pony.

The worst thing about our dogs is that Cino and CoCo have never acted nice around each other. CoCo can be by other dogs with no problem and Cino has been by other dogs with no problem but together they lunge, bark, growl, and act like total jags. Good dogs individually but assholes together. This would be a great episode for Cesar Milan. 😉 So my sister and I made a deal. The next dogs we have had better be related and see each other all the time so they grow up together.

Oh well, Aunty still loves you!

So yeah, the 15th was 3 months here in the new house already! Rob says often how much he likes this house. It is wonderful to hear that because after all, it’s where the majority of your income goes.

I like it a lot too. I can’t believe we ended up here to be honest. We were looking in a totally different area where our kids could stay in the same school district. That search didn’t produce what we needed though. So the minute we decided to just bite the bullet and switch districts, new opportunities opened up. Thankfully, like I mentioned earlier, none of us are shy. The boys got into football and started making friends right away. It helps to have kids involved in some extracurricular activities if you are switching districts. Much easier walking into a new school when you already know some people from sports or band, etc.

This whole process of house hunting was so exciting for me, I will be stepping into a classroom myself next week. I am going for my real estate license! I want to do for others what my realtor did for me. Find them a home!! It’s one of those things that feels so right, so me. I can’t wait to see what happens.

Yesterday I came across a trailer for a Joan Jett movie coming out. I love Joan Jett!! She has always been a class act. She said when she was 13, she took guitar lessons and the teacher told her “Girls don’t play rock n roll.” To which she replied “Bull.” How bad ass is she? Even from childhood she was doing it her way! Thank God for women like Joan. The rebels. They inspire you to do stuff that takes you out of your comfort zone.

Well that lit a fire in me. I was in Wonder Woman Girl Power mode! I have been blessed in this house to have a room in the basement all to myself. Pinterest calls it a Mom Cave. I have big, bright plans for this room.

This photo is the before. The room was driving me nuts because the cabinets that were here must have gotten wet at some point and they were smelly. I can’t work like that!!

Rob told me to empty everything out and have the boys get the cabinets out when they get home. Is he serious? I don’t wait. I know better than to ask the boys after football practice to muscle around cabinets from the basement to outside by the fire pit. Hell no – mama’s got this. And the last thing Rob said to me was “you’ll scratch the floor by yourself.” Oh no he didn’t! After almost 24 years he still doesn’t know who or what he is dealing with. There are these magical things called moving blankets!!! They were invented for people to use so they wouldn’t mess up their floors or furniture. Duh!!!

I took the drawers and doors off the cabinets and stair by stair took it easy going backwards. Power squat time. The magic blue blanket was at the top waiting for its load and I slid that bad boy right across the floor and out onto the deck. The double cabinet I kind of rolled up the stairs. To get out to the fire pit I just rolled them across the lawn. Done and done. It took maybe 15 minutes.

I love our fire pit. This will be the third set of cabinets we burn.

It sure makes it easier to get rid of bigger items. I know it may seem silly to think that’s blog worthy but the spirit behind it is totally worth it. As long as I am able, I Will. No wait if you do it yourself! So now the cabinets are on their way to a fiery death that they deserve for stinking so bad and I have a clean palette to design the craft room of my dreams. And I have to do it for a bargain because it is a craft room after all. We need to be thrifty here. I know what colors I am drawn to. Purple, turquoise, white, gold, silver. Pink. All the ideas are swirling around in my head. I have some vintage items from my grandmothers I would like to display. It may also serve as my little sanctuary. Where I go to find peace and inspiration. I have the heart of an artist. Now all I need is the space to do the art.

So with that I will end here. Home Depot is calling. I hope you all have a fantastic week. My oldest turns 15 Sunday so I need to hustle and get this done. Hoping to have it ready for the weekend.

Don’t wait. Be a badass and go for what you want!


Andrea 😘

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