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Hello everyone! Here I am blogging when I should be making dinner. Well it’s brats so it’s not like it’s complicated. I asked my son to do it and he laughed at me. WTF?! This is where a daughter would come in handy. She’d be all over wanting to help. Sigh. Teenagers. What to do? Is it funny that I am making BRATS for the brats?! ha ha ha….

Anyway I am blogging because I miss it and because I have a fun little story. In the town I moved to, there is a little thrift store on the corner towards the downtown area. It’s a very nice little store, has a lot of antiques and furniture. Lots of books, crystal, collectibles, art, clothes…a little something for everyone. They are a mission based store, so they help a lot of people in need with the money and donations they take in.

I am always looking for unique things and love the randomness of going to a thrift store where chances are you are going to get an item that no one else is going to have had they gone to a big box chain type store.

Last week when I decided to finally check out the store, I found myself pleased with the fact that it didn’t smell like an old, nasty thrift store. It was well organized and pretty clean. That’s a plus always. I have been known to take a quick whiff and turn around if it was gross. I can’t stand stuff piled up to the ceiling. There’s a music store my son wants to go to like that and I am dreading it. I love that the place has a million music items for sale but do they have to be so stuffed in there like an episode of hoarders?

So while I was looking around in this store, a delightful blue jar caught my eye. The first thing I noticed was that it said Jardin on it, which I remembered from my high school French days to mean garden. That is one of those words that just looks prettier in another language too. When I turned it around to see how much it was, I noticed the next thing that I always take as a sign from beyond that someone is saying hi.


On this particular day, the someone was my dad. 1946 was his year and there it was on the Jardin jar. I couldn’t believe this cute little jar was only $2.50! Score……but not so fast.


This jar went on a little adventure. Seems that when we were chatting at the checkout, the lady rang up the jar and I paid for the jar but when I got home, of course the jar wasn’t there. Hmmm? I had all my books but no jar. Well that was kind of sad because I felt at the moment in the store it was my dad saying hi. He passed away earlier this year and it’s been a tough one to deal with. Oh well, C’est la vie right? It was a quick visit, not meant to be long maybe? I called the store and they said they didn’t have it. Well I ran back up there anyway to look for myself. Maybe I could trace my steps. When I talked to the lady who checked me out, she felt bad. I could see it in her face. I told her it was ok, things happen, and the fate was a little visit and I appreciate that. Prior to the mix up, I told an employee there about how I felt my dad visiting me seeing the 1946 and she agreed many people who come into the store have little angel visits, too. I don’t normally get attached to a silly item like that but like I said, it’s been a rough loss. The store lady took my name and number in case it turned up. Also, I should mention there was a bag sitting on the counter with fabric in it that another person left behind. A call from the store later on confirmed a woman had taken my bag in error and left her bag there. They told her the story behind the jar and would you believe over the weekend, she actually returned it to the store? How sweet of her!

There are still beautiful souls in the world who are kind and I am so thankful for them because now the jar is in my home where it was meant to be. I just have to keep King Louie cat from knocking it over.


Today I stopped in at the store to pick up the jar and I couldn’t resist looking at the books again. I passed on a few the other day because I figured I had enough cookbooks. I am actually supposed to be writing one of my own! Over the years I have taken pictures and notes and experimented with recipes that have gone over well with a crowd and like most cookbooks, the writer likes their most used recipes to be in one place. Well, that is my goal, too. I also want to show newbies in the kitchen that it’s not that scary to make an extraordinary meal. I have a long list of things to do this year, so that’s one I really would love to make happen.

As I looked in the book section, the ones I wanted to get last time were still there. They cost $1.50 for hardcover and $.50 for paperbacks. It isn’t going to hurt to get these books for my collection. I love vintage anything. Like the real deal. Not something made to look old, even though that can be cool sometimes. I like something that has been cared for over the years, with a story to tell. It meant something to someone to hang onto it. Until it couldn’t be hung on to anymore. And thankfully someone gave it to the right place and not just thrown away. So many things from my childhood ended up in a dumpster. It sucks. My Barbies. Wahhhh!!!!!! I didn’t think about that stuff when I was moving out at 18. I think differently now.


I remember my dad cooking out of the same exact Frugal Gourmet cookbook when I was a kid. And I remember watching him on channel 11 along with Justin Wilson and Julia Child. Yeah, Saturdays were fun at our house. My sisters and I would watch Soul Train and American Bandstand in the morning and then the cooking shows later in the afternoon. Then we would play “pretend we’re on tv” even though we were just doing basic chores. Pretending to do these tasks with finesse made it more fun! My sister Dee and I are still crazy together. We always wonder where the cameras are because some of the stuff that happens we can’t make up it’s so hilarious.

This cute older lady that was also looking at books today saw my stack and said, “Oh I could just sit and look at those all night.” Yep. I’m about to. I haven’t had tv since before we moved. Got rid of it in April. I don’t miss hearing all the negative nonsense. If it’s important, I trust I will hear about it. But for now, I am enjoying being in my bubble.

I think it would be fun to make some of these really old recipes. What do you think? The American Woman’s Cook Book goes back to 1938. The Mirro one is dated 1954. The Better Homes and Gardens Dessert Cook Book from 1960. The Campbells Soup one, 1972. That one I may not use as much because I think there are so many better ways to cook without using condensed soup. But it’s cute and old and belongs with the group. I can’t wait to experiment with the past in today’s world.

I took a little break to finish dinner and of course I couldn’t just let it be “easy brats”. If you ever make sauerkraut with your brats, the Franks Bavarian is good. It’s a little sweet which is what everyone here seems to like. I also saute red onion in a little butter, then add grated apple to that. Saute a few minutes and add that to the sauerkraut. That’s the doctored up version. Even better if a little beer is involved. 😉

Well, I am going to check out what sort of goodness lies in these pages. Thanks for reading my little story about the jar. I try to be good and honest with people. I feel the karma came back to me in my favor. I like that other people have experienced it too.


If you have any good stories like that, I’d love to hear them!

Goodnight until next time!









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