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Well hello there! It’s been a minute. We are finally moved in and have just a little bit to go before we can start doing other things that don’t involve the house. I hope that happens before summer is over. This is a great place to live if you like action AND if you prefer it on the quiet side. I always manage to get the best of both worlds. Why not, right?

There will be plenty to say in other posts about the house and the whole buying and selling experience. I am thrilled we are here, but getting here had me a nervous batshit crazy hot mess train wreck. My husband and kids don’t have to say it because I fully admit it was a wild time. My chakras were all over the place. I was not centered at all. I tried but there was so much to do to get here I felt like I was running out of air, out of time. It was brutal but we all got through it. Talking to a friends sister, she told me, “You have to stay a team. Stay a team.” And that’s exactly what family is about.

So now that the boxes are all unpacked, it is time to get centered again. This house is in the heart of nature. I am surrounded by farms. Across the street is an outdoor wedding venue. Every weekend we get to cheer on the bride and groom from our driveway. I love seeing people happy and having a good time. So there’s a lot of love in the air around here.

There is inspiration around every corner. The outdoors are very welcoming. The stars seem like they are closer and clearer. I sat on the deck off my bedroom one night and just closed my eyes and listened to all the new sounds. It was so soothing, I could have fallen asleep out there. Well now the lounge chairs are out there so I just might attempt it one night.

One afternoon when I was actually taking a rare break, I was scrolling through Instagram and a site I follow just really called out to me. It’s Black Bacarra oils and perfumes. I like the site because it’s beautifully maintained. She always has some flowers she’s posting or really cool photography. It’s a little dark but I like that.

There was an oil being sold that day specifically for creation. Well that sounds like me, and something I could use here. When the description said it came with some crystals that were charged under the last full moon, well now that got my curiosity going. I am so into energy and vibes. I am not sure what my mom did when she was pregnant with me, but somewhere I got a dose of cosmic intuition. Maybe it’s because I was born in the 70’s? Because I am a woman? I don’t know but I love that I have that in my personality. I usually jive pretty well with others who are into that sort of thing too.

When that package arrived yesterday, it was in a black envelope. Someone else out there loves black too. 🖤🖤🖤

Even this paper it was wrapped in smelled good! I love when you order something on line and a company really goes the extra mile on presentation.

When this was revealed, I just thought how cool and how pretty!! I was a basket case a month ago. This is my treat to myself. The boys, they got a go cart. I am much simpler in my indulgence.

Just beautiful. It came with a little sprig of white sage, rose petals and the crystals. And a little sample to try. That is quite the punch packed in that little box. Well they both smell amazing. Very layered. Very stimulating to the senses. How is it that fragrance can bring you somewhere even if it’s only in your mind? It totally captures memories of places, people, music, emotions.

I love my new scents and thanked Black Baccara for their thoughtful product. I will wait til the next full moon to try the Creatrix and hopefully it will be a nice clear night, I can be out on my deck under the stars with a lantern writing away or meditating or whatever….I….feel….like…🖤🖤🖤

Thank you again Black Baccara!

You can check them out at:


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