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Hello! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Ours was pretty awesome as we finally got an offer and contract on our house! Thank God someone appreciates it. That was a rough couple of months. But the buyer is a gardener and they honestly came to the right place. My garden will be a separate post soon, as I have to say farewell to it in a couple of weeks. Is it weird to cry over plants and trees? Maybe there is something wrong with me. But anywhere you put love into what you do, it matters when you have to leave it with someone else. I am thankful this buyer appreciates it. A huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders so we can relax a little more and be the people we used to know before all this house crazy stuff started.

It has been a test of faith and so much unknown that you sometimes have to just “stay the course” as my realtor and husband have said so many times. There is something out there and you may not see it or know what it is but you know it’s good and it’s for you but you just have to hang in there until it’s ready. Maybe that’s why I like gardening. You have to be patient. You put the work in now and you may not see the results until later, when you have beautiful blooms.


OK I lied. I have to put at least one peony photo in here. These are my favorite! I also have light pink. My new house will have the fuschia ones that I have always wanted. I swear it’s the little things that make me believe something bigger and better is always listening and trying to make us happy. We just have to acknowledge it.

Ok since this post is already looking gorgeous, let’s get to the real reason we are here! My brother-n-law (husband’s brother) and his beautiful wife are expecting their first baby August 1. Yesterday was the baby shower and I promise you no detail was missed! I love events that go all out, creating out of vision and seeing it through. So when we were told the baby shower theme would be “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” using gold in the color scheme, I was in love. I love metallics and glitter and all things sparkly! I was asked to make a Wish/Advice Tree and to me that was perfect. I was leaning more towards the wishes and not so crazy about the advice part. When you ask people for advice, you have to be careful what you are inviting into your life. LOL!!! Something came together at the last minute for that but the Wish Tree was a little bit more organized.

I just happened to pass by a neighbors one day when he had a landscape crew there. I noticed they were cutting down a crabapple and a plum tree. There were quite a few sturdy looking branches piling up so I thought, am I going to be crazy enough to ask this guy for his old sticks? Ha! Damn straight I am! He was super cool about it and even asked if I wanted a beer while I was there. Only me. LOL! Minutes before I saw this guy with the branches, I purchased a really cool, heavy glass vase. I had planned on going to Michaels for the sticks but what were the odds of me coming home and having them just right there for the taking? Yep. There’s that thing again. Divine Intervention.

So I had the sticks. I found a .99 plastic tablecloth from the dollar store that I used to lay them all on. There were a lot so I needed to do this in the garage. I found some old white paint that I had to stir like crazy. It eventually started to look like paint. It was starting to feel very Anthropologie-like as these branches started to take on a new life.


Once they were dry, it was time to move on to the star part. I love when I have been hoarding scrapbook materials for years and then I actually get to use them! I had some really nice cardstock that had like a vinyl, glittery, metallic coating on it. Thankfully I had my star stencils here. After many traces and cuts, I had a nice variety of gold and silver stars. Remember I have so many things in storage because of moving, that I had to be clever with my materials. I did not have any pretty gold ribbon like I wanted. There was no time to go on a search party for ribbon. So when all else fails, there staring at me from the pantry was some kitchen twine. I sure as hell am not trussing any turkeys in the next 2 weeks, so let me have that twine! It worked nice. Did anyone notice or care? I don’t think so.

End result was people getting really into writing special thoughts for our little star due in just eight more weeks!


The advice book I ended up putting together literally minutes before the doors were opened was a scrapbook with black pages that I had to take out of the sheets and clip so that they could be written on easily with gold and silver sharpies. My promise as a sister-n-law was to never give advice unless asked and to always babysit anytime!

I could see the love and excitement for my brother-n-law and sister-n-law as people were writing and it made me happy that I didn’t scrap the idea like I almost did. Did we totally get inspired by things we see out there in the world and on Pinterest? Of course! But I think we totally made this our own way and it was even better in person. Mama-to-Be’s sister and mom, our mother-n-law and many friends and relatives all pitched in to make a wonderful shower. My mother-n-law supplied the sweet table with some extra yummy treats. It really becomes a focal point in the room and each time everyone contributes to pull it off, we stand back and are just amazed by it’s greatness. My contribution to the sweet table were cake pops. I think I may make a video in my new kitchen next time I have to make those. And with double ovens, it will go fast! It took me 2 chocolate cakes and 2 vanilla cakes to make roughly 120 cake pops. The chocolate ones are so decadent.


Oh and a little tip on the picture frame I wrote on….that is something I started doing awhile ago. I take dark scrapbook paper, put it in the frame, and write on the outside glass part with a chalk marker. Wipe with Sparkle and reuse. Such an easy way to create a chalkboard effect quickly!

So yeah, that was my weekend. A very happy one for many reasons. I just gotta hang in there eight more weeks til I meet lil nugget. These two are going old school and are going to be surprised by the gender. I didn’t have that kind of willpower when I was pregnant. I had to know!

I have to get going but thank you for reading. It is fun to create things out of literally whatever is lying around. Hopefully if you ever find yourself in a place where you need to make something, you are blessed with ease in finding that perfect item to make it unique. Have a great week!







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