Music Monday-Heatwave-Martha and the Vandellas


Ooooh, ooooh, ooooh,oooh, ooooh….Heat Wave! Welcome to summer! Hopefully everyone is spending quality time with family and friends. We had a quiet weekend. My sons are on the mend from colds they had and we were supposed to have a showing for the house yesterday but it got cancelled. Who does that to someone on Memorial Day Weekend? Grrrrrr… we hung around home and Rob power washed the patio and deck. Let’s see if tomorrow’s showing shows up and they appreciate the effort.

It was a scorcher out there this weekend. 95 to 97 yesterday and 92 today. A little too soon for those temps if you ask me. Especially when we can’t open the pool yet. Why bother when we won’t be here after the 15th anyway, right? Moving day is the 16th. I still can’t believe it. I won’t believe it until we are at closing. My stomach does cartwheels everyday from the stress. Oh so much going on!! But you know how I relieve it? I sing. Yep. The secret is out. I pick a few of my favorite songs that I know all the words to and just let it out. It’s a lot of fun and I truly escape.

Heat Wave is one of my favorites to sing. I love everything about it. It was from such a simple time. Fashion was nothing complicated yet it was classy and always flattering to the female figure. I find myself going towards those cuts when I am dress shopping.

The hair was to die for! Like this awesome gem of my mother n law from the 60’s. I seriously wish I could go back in time and see what it was like to have fashion, hair and make-up like that be the norm.

Nowadays you would be asked where are you off to just because you have your hair done. Silly people.

So yeah, Heat Wave…’s one of those songs where if I was going to have a soundtrack to my life, it would be on there. One of those feel good songs that make you happy. I have lots of those songs tucked away for certain moments.

Well, I may have to go scoop up some ice cream for dinner. 92 degrees out! Not cooking!!! 😂 Stay cool out there. And when you feel stressed, find a song to just belt out and I promise you will feel much better afterwards.

Love you!!



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