Music Monday-Can’t Stop The Feeling-Justin Timberlake

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Good morning! I have been working a lot and trying to get the most out of the end of the school year. Unfortunately my page here takes a little nap when I am busy. Today I am off and I thought I’d brighten up this rainy day with a happy song.

Most of the time, I am jamming out to something very loud and very metal, but I am truly a lover of many types of music and love to dance. This weekend I was at a graduation party and there was a little girl dancing by herself to this song and she was so cute, I had to join her.

My life has been so serious the past few months with my father’s passing and all this house buying and selling stuff, it felt amazing to let it all go and just dance. Is there such a thing as dance therapy? I know there is art and music therapy, so maybe there is dance too. It’s a great stress reliever and I’ll take it!

Well, I have a bunch of stuff to get caught up on so this is a short post. Hopefully with my few days off this week I can post a good recipe or two.

Have a great day and enjoy this song!



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