Delicious and Divine German Chocolate Cake

First time making German Chocolate Cake and it was out of this world.

Hey, hey, hey….Happy Saturday! Finally spring-like weather! There’s nothing better than being able to have coffee outside first thing in the morning. I am so bad. I have had almost a whole pot entirely by myself today. I just wish I still had a slice of this cake I made Thursday night. A coworkers birthday is today, and even though it was already celebrated earlier, we thought we would stretch it out one more day. She said she wanted German Chocolate Cake and when you ask, I deliver!

It’s pretty funny when you are at the grocery store and don’t even have a recipe in mind but know you need to get ingredients for this cake. Thanks to smartphones and Pinterest, I quickly got what I was looking for. I searched German Chocolate Cake and found one that said it was THE BEST. So if you claim that, it better be! (It WAS!)

I skimmed through the ingredients pretty quick and had most of everything. I just needed buttermilk. Awesome. Done.

I never stop!!! Just a little tired but still kicking ass in the kitchen.

So doesn’t everyone work all day, come home to power clean fast, then show their house at 4, grocery shop, make dinner, then bake a cake from scratch to bring in to work at 7 a.m. the next morning? NO? Just me? Am I insane? What the hell is wrong with me? Ha, ha, ha!!! Yes I am insane but I am used to it. See, I love to challenge myself. I like to try new things. I am fearless when it comes to cooking. Having the right tools and being organized is half the battle in the kitchen. I get really ticked when I have a showing and they comment that my kitchen is too small. Well, it’s not huge, no. But it’s not teeny tiny small. It’s not like galley small or apartment small. It’s a peninsula style, chef kitchen they call it. I can literally pivot around and do what I need to do. I have managed for 16 years in my kitchen making almost every single holiday meal. It is all second nature to me by now. Too small. Pffftt…. Do they know who’s kitchen they are in? I feel like leaving this blog page open on my pad for them to see all the food that has been made in the “too little” kitchen. HA! They have no idea. Ok, the caffeine is taking over and I need to calm down. I do get defensive over my little kitchen because it is the heart of my home. Many memories have been made, the good, bad, and ugly, laughs, tears, growing older together, all of it has happened here. People I love that are no longer with us laughing and loving all at my table. I have had over a hundred people in and out of my house over the years. Eighty at once for my 40th birthday. This house has a pulse from all the energy that’s flowed through it. I just wish the right buyer would pick up on that already.

So ok, back to the cake. This recipe caught my eye because the site was called Tastes Better From Scratch and that is something I am all about. I prefer to make things from scratch and find that the taste is always way better than expected. Making anything from scratch does not have to be intimidating. Just read through the instructions and do exactly as they say. It is always easier to measure out all of your ingredients first. We learned that in home ec in 7th grade. I loved that class! It helps to have extra sets of measuring cups so you have enough when you are getting all of your ingredients ready. Goodwill, antique stores, or even discount stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or Ross can get you a nice supply of kitchen tools for cheap so you can rock out recipes like a pro. A restaurant supply store or warehouse type store also has awesome finds. Efficiency is where it’s at!


I was very impressed with the end result of this cake and could not wait to try it. The kids made me promise to save them each a piece for afterschool. My husband doesn’t like coconut so he wasn’t interested. But he does love chocolate so I might make this again just as a chocolate cake for him. It was really good. You know a cake recipe will usually be great if it calls for buttermilk. I love using buttermilk. It makes everything so rich.

Well, that’s all I have time for today. It is getting hard to type when the caffeine is kicking my ass! Fingers are going way too fast!! LOL! I need to jam some tunes, straighten up for ANOTHER showing tomorrow and try to relax before seeing my friends in Black4 play tonight. Have a great weekend and Happy Cinco De Mayo!



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