Lip Smacking Lemon Bars

Good morning! 🌞 Happy Saturday! I have been working more at the school and it’s hard to believe we are in the home stretch of the school year. All of the kids look like they are ready for it to be over. I am with them. The sooner it’s over is the sooner we are in our new house. There is so much excitement for this house. Our realtor is a saint for being so patient with us. We were looking for something very specific, almost a needle in a haystack at times. We found it not once, but twice technically. However the second time was by a fluke and it was way better than the first. Wayyyy wayyyyy WAAAAYYYY better! So I must believe that God had a better plan for us. I prayed that what was meant to be would present itself. It chokes me up to where I could cry for joy because there is no other explanation for what we have been dealing with in the past 3 years of searching and making offers.  I am so glad God doesn’t always give you what you want. Whatever it is you think you want, God always has something better. I will always believe that.

So how about when God gives you lemons? You make lemon bars of course!!! My step-father Dave had a birthday last weekend and he didn’t want cake or pie. How do you have a birthday without cake or pie? Well it’s a good thing my husband was thinking because he was the one that said, “Dave likes lemon bars!” Yessss!!! That’s right, he does!!

I have this one recipe that claims it’s the best lemon bars, but I don’t think it is. And the reason I don’t is because the first time I made them, according to their directions, I was left with more crust  and barely any lemon. That really irritates me when you follow exactly what the recipe says and it’s a bust.

After that I gave up on lemon bars. Until I had them at my friend Lisa’s house when her daughter made them. Sometimes we learn from the younger crowd and this is one of those times. She had a very clever solution to the too much crust and not enough lemon dilemma. Her lemon bars are kind of scientifically engineered and I will forever love Hannah for showing me this. I now have restored confidence in making lemon bars and Dave will always be happy on his birthday having them.

This method uses a smaller pan and lemon curd as an insulator to the crust. That way, the lemon mixture doesn’t seep into the hot crust too much leaving you with barely any lemon filling. Genius! It has worked dozens of times for me and believe me when I say these bars disappear.


They are so good!! I can’t wait to make these in the new house. Did I mention there were double ovens in the new house? Double Electrolux Convection ovens that are brand spanking new and such a pretty blue inside? It’s the little things that get me going! 😂😍

Well, it looks like Saturday chores are calling. You know, yard work, errands, laundry. Have a fantastic weekend!




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  1. Andrea, This recipe sounds delicious. I am saving it and plan to make it real soon.
    Love, Aunt Anita

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