Own Your Role.


Hello there! It may be afternoon but I am still drinking coffee. That’s what happens when there is a day off of school and there are kids home who drink coffee. I don’t want to even hear that they will stunt their growth because they won’t. At 14 and 13, they are over 5’9 and well on their way to being over 6 feet tall like their dad who towers over me at a cool 6’4″.

I am the shorty in the house and that’s ok with me! That’s what high heels are for and when those come out, I mean business.

So recently, I came across a blog that a woman had a horribly hard time coming to terms with the fact that she was a “housewife”. That term is so dated I think. But if that’s what we are, ok. I feel like I need to say something about this because how many women out there are feeling like all they do is throw loads of laundry in or run errands and drive kids around? This is a little public service announcement to say YOU are important in whatever role you are in.

If you work, great. You are valued I am sure by the company you work for. You are a professional person who contributes greatly to society. The world needs you! God bless you for the time you sacrifice away from your child to provide for them. Or maybe you have a passionate career that we can all benefit from.

But if you are a stay home mom, do not EVER feel you aren’t doing anything. You are running a house. You are shaping HUMAN BEINGS. That is huge! You are the foundation of your family. If you were not there to do the things you do, who would do it? Working moms, is there a magic wand you wave to get things done? No, you do double duty when you are home. Or have a really great partner or system where everyone takes turns.

I just think that we are all where we are meant to be. Own it like a boss. I rock the hell out of my job. I juggle all day long between kids, helping my husbands business, and the house. It’s a constant rotation of duties. In the summer, it increases with outdoor responsibilities. I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I used to beat myself up about it but not anymore.

I am currently trying to sell my house and the reviews are outstanding. I wish one of them would commit to an offer but to see that people appreciate what I have done inside and outside of my home makes me proud. I worked my butt off to get to this point and I hope it pays off.

I wish I had more time today but I have to run a kid to their dentist appointment. Ladies, don’t feel bad about staying home. The kids won’t be kids forever and the time goes fast. I know my day will come again where I will work. Hopefully for myself! But it will happen. Until then, I am gonna rock this path I am on.

Love you!!!


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