Listen For The Lost.

Be still and listen,

To the sounds of nature

For the animals are the only ones

Left innocent.

There used to be a world

Where the children could play

Or roam around to nowhere and back

Be home at the end of the day.

Everything was easy.

Gung ho and peachy

Fearless of the future

Home is where you had it made.

Such a simple time

In youth

All that matters

Is to tell the truth

Do your chores and

Stay in school

Get good grades

And follow the rules.

That should be a child’s

Main concerns

Not if they go to school

They may never return.

That little smile you loved so well

Is now part of a tale to tell.

I can never wrap my head around why people feel they have the right to take another human beings life. Yet it happens on a daily basis. I have often wondered why some people do not have that mechanism in them that stops them from committing violent crimes. It is completely insane to watch the news anymore. Look back 50 years and think of society. The structure of common decency. People like to scoff at the idea of going backwards but I would love for my kids to experience for a day the freedom I had as a child. Even better would be the freedom my parents had.

If you fast forwarded 50 years into the future, what would you think if you stumbled across a newspaper with today’s news in it? It would break your heart. Some people are very sick mentally. Or have just been so neglected their entire lives with not one person to look up to. Some don’t have grandma’s and grandpa’s around to share that old school respect. Those lessons of faith. Family roots are everything. And when those aren’t present, a young persons life is a rough path if they are going it alone.

I wish that today’s world would talk more openly about things that happen instead of just say prayers and thoughts are with you. Talk with an open heart and not throw opinions about gun control around. Gathering up all the weapons and throwing them into the fire isn’t going to change a persons heart. The real weapon is the sick mind. And the callousness that numbs people from feeling. Being over medicated and underfed. Lacking a spiritual moral compass. Can you detect that on a background check? Can you determine what someone’s upbringing was like by them answering a few yes or no questions? People can lie their way through whatever they want to.

Society must not be afraid to seek the root of the problem. We as people must think more intelligently. More compassionately. People who are hurting usually hurt others. There must be signs to watch for in our young so we may intervene and teach better coping skills.

It is always a sad day when the innocent depart this world so violently. No soul deserves to be taken that way. I wish them eternal rest and peace for their families to get through their days without turning bitter. Their angel children would want them to carry on strong, and help others.

” You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

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  1. That is so true! 50 years ago we played outside in the dark and left our doors unlocked. There was no such thing as school shootings. We would go outside to play and not come home until dinner time. I am glad I won’t see what the next 50 years hold if it continues this way.

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