Love You.


Happy Valentine’s Day! I know it’s late but I have to squeeze a post in before it’s over. I love LOVE! I recently did a live video with a friend on Facebook shedding some light on #MarchForLove. It is an action for women to empower each other through LOVE, kindness, friendship and positivity. No bashing, no hate, no judgement.

There is way too much of that in the world. It gets boring hearing the same complaints that are not being backed up with any action to make a positive change. I feel like if one person could just give a minute to someone else, to say a kind word, or to smile or to be an ear to someone who needs to vent…can you imagine one by one how much love you could spread around you?

People need love just as they need food and water. Being a Christian means you will never be without someone loving you. God loves you. Always. Even when you don’t always love yourself, God loves you. Love is complex and one thing I said in the video was that love is not always hearts and flowers.  Borrowed that from Mr. 50 Shades. Especially when you are in long term relationships that are over 20 years strong. People change. People grow up and sometimes apart.  But if you are really committed to the goal you set forth, love can overcome anything. You find new things to love if you always have respect, compassion, and communication as the main ingredients in your recipe for a future together.

There is a lot to say on this subject. I can barely keep my eyes open though. I have had the most exciting afternoon ever announcing to friends that I am going to experience my own new kind of love. The love for my “nugget” and of being an aunt! God answered many prayers and blessed my brother n law and sister n law with a little bun in the oven due Aug. 1. I cannot wait to meet this baby!

So let’s chat a bit later about different levels of love. May you find love all around you. 😘


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