Carne Guisada

Food and friends. Both are essential to survival. I would never even know that such a meal existed if it weren’t for my friend Audrey who made this as a send off for our mutual friend Penny who was headed to Puerto Rico a few years ago. Penny is our travelling gypsy friend, always on the move, keeping things interesting. It just so happened that I got to be Audrey’s sous chef that day and saw first hand this beautiful, tasty dish come into being. It is insanely full of flavor, a little advanced, and one of those dishes that feeds a good number of people. It cooks for a few hours and allows you to do other things while your house fills with a rich aroma. I am thankful Audrey taught me this before becoming Vegan. I have yet to give up my love of meat. To each their own I always say!


The original recipe did not say to do this, but I always dredge my stew meat in a light coating of flour and brown it lightly in oil  before adding it to any recipe.


Believe me when I say, there is nothing that makes me happier than knowing my man is going to come home and be welcomed by the smell of food that has been prepared for him with love.

Real cooking is a labor of love. One that has spoiled everyone but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

To make the Sofrito, check out the post titled: Puerto Rican Sofrito. This is a three phase meal. Making the sofrito is actually the first phase. The Carne Guisada is the second and the Arroz Con Gandules will be the third. I would have loved to put three Yummly recipe cards in one post, but I don’t think I can. Or at least I don’t know how to.


Ok enough yapping, let’s get to the sofrito!


















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