Killer Pancakes -N- Coffee

Holy F***!!! Yesterday was a bombdiggity Saturday. We had a showing at 3. So everyone was home and hands on in getting ready to let complete strangers prance through our house. I knew I had some buttermilk in the fridge that had to get used or else it would end up in the toilet. Why not make some awesome pancakes first thing in the morning and kick it in the ass to show the house at 3? Sounds like a plan to me.

I love a homemade pancake. Aunt Jemima is awesome and Hungry Jack too, when you have no time to mess around. I just got through a huge Sam’s Club bag of Krusteaz pancakes about a month ago. But when I see buttermilk on sale, I grab it because we are all in for a treat. The smell, taste, texture, everything about a real buttermilk pancake is awesome. I am such a sucker for warm cakes and butter and syrup. Such a sucker. And a local restaurant in Geneva that goes by the name of Buttermilk really brings pancakes to a whole new level. Well I had no time to get to Buttermilk so I just did what I could at home. It was the best thing ever. I am pretty sure I have seen cooked bacon pieces thrown into the pancake batter but I have not seen sausage thrown in.

So I thawed out some Wallace Farms breakfast sausage and cooked it until it was crumbly and no longer pink. I drained it in the colander to remove any excess grease, and when you use Wallace Farms, there hardly is any excess grease. Maybe a tablespoon out of a pound of ground pork sausage! Not like that other stuff in the store. So when it was good and drained I added it to the batter. Gave it a good stir and ladled that golden goodness onto my hot griddle. I love making pancakes. Brings me right back to the first thing we ever cooked in Lincoln Jr. High home ec class with Ms. Pabst! Right? Wasn’t that her name? Yep, watch those pancakes until the bubbles stop and then flip!

These pancakes are phenomenal. Put buttermilk on your grocery list and make them when you have a few extra minutes to spare. You will be in pancake euphoria! I always think of a boss I had that once said they lived on pancakes when times were tough. The early days, you know. If these were the ones being served, I could be very happy living on them. They even rock being served for dinner. Kids love that idea of having strawberry or chocolate chip pancakes for dinner! Ok enough teasing, here’s the recipe!


Trust me they are golden and delicious in every way! I originally got that recipe without the sausage crumbles from, a submission by Lebury back in 2006. I have been making the pancakes for a long time and just yesterday thought to just throw the sausage right in the batter. It was a win for sure!

Now about the coffee. I just got rid of my Keurig. I liked that convenience of brewing one cup of coffee whenever I wanted. But I was going through pods like crazy. We are trying to move, right? Gotta keep those trips to the store short and sweet. So I decided to go old school and get a Mr. Coffee. My father in law is the Mr. Coffee Coffee King! Really, it’s old school and straightforward. Like him. Like all of us really! The best cup of coffee ever. I love setting the timer and waking up to the smell of coffee. I have been trying out different brands and surprisingly my favorite is Chock Full O’Nuts. Holy ****!!! That is the go to to get stuff done. It has a fantastic flavor and buzz factor WOW! Lit up!!! We get crazy when we have too much coffee. Let’s just say at one point I had a swiffer in one hand and a duster in the other getting the house picture perfect. That coffee will kick your ass so you need to drink some water with it. Today I limited my coffee to one cup after I had a bottle of water and a cup of herbal tea first. It was so good.

So yeah, that was my Saturday. Buzzing around on a coffee high and stuffed from sausage pancakes. We saw the cute, young couple who looked at my house as they were pulling out of the cul-de-sac. I haven’t heard anything yet so I am not sure if they liked it or what but the first week it had 3 showings. Not bad. We just need one buyer to feel the home vibe from it that we have felt the last 16 years.  That alone is another post I have brewing. My son has a sweet tooth kicking in right now and wants me to make cookies. Ok son, no problem! Mom is on it.

I am out for now…..hope you have a safe Super Bowl celebration wherever you are. We just weren’t into it this year. No worries. It’s not like we’ve never seen the Patriots play in the Super Bowl before. Ha ha ha…….much love…..Andrea

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