Buckle Up Baby!

Good Lord there is a for sale sign in my front lawn!! Ha!! Finally, we are ready to be a part of the real estate spring market. Feeling fresh and ready. Like the only way this is going to go is forward.

The day has arrived where we are ready to move onto the next chapter of our lives together. It’s exciting and frightening all at the same time. We built our house 16 years ago and had an overall smooth experience. Mike was our awesome landlord at the time who was cool about letting us lease month to month until our house was ready. This time we are selling and buying and not sure about the where or the when. We have been looking for almost 5 years. There was always some jerky detail that we couldn’t deal with so we said “it’s not meant to be right now.” You are working your ass off every single day to provide for your family, right? Your home is your sanctuary and it needs to be a place you are proud of. And when you have children to think about, all pieces need to jive.

It’s a task for sure! But we all have to stay positive and attract the type of home that is going to work for our family.

It’s when I say things like that I gotta laugh out loud. I am a grown up!!! OMG when did that happen? Hell, half the time I am still listening to music I listened to when I was 16, still wearing rock n roll T-shirts and Converse in every color. That part of me will never change. I do like to get fancy once in awhile but normally….yep…..still a crazy headbanger! But now I have a for sale sign and dance in limbo not knowing anything until it happens. Roll the dice and hang on tight! Maybe that’s why we are good for each other. We live out loud and are willing to dive into the unknown.

And men… not always generous with their words so you have to watch their actions. When we built this house 16 years ago, I watched Rob who was just my fiancé at the time, walk around for 9 months with a calculator in hand 24/7. He was making sure we could swing this idea of being homeowners. The numbers always jived. We were good to go. And today we still are but now the search includes being able to sustain our business on our property. I see it happening so I know it’s possible. It’s just the where, and when. Lots at stake here.

So wish me luck and please send us some good vibes! It would be awesome for this vision to come to life. Speaking of life, I can barely keep my eyes open. I needed to go to bed like two hours ago. This is definitely where I don’t feel 16 anymore! 🤣 Last time when we were building, I was trying hard to watch every dime. We lived well but very calculated. Over the next few days I will be sharing some quick, creative meals and some meals that may require some time upfront but yield enough leftovers for when you might not have time the following day. Oh yeah, I am including as much domestication as I can on this journey.

Thank you for being here. A few zzz and I’ll be back. 😘

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  1. Good luck with everything! I can relate to this so much. In my mind I’m still 17 and act and dress that way sometimes even though I’m mod thrities with all these kids hahha

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