Hello there! How is everyone this morning? I am on my second coffee, feeling more awake and just wanted to check in and say hi. My domestication has not been rocking a lot this week. Actually last Sunday was my son’s birthday celebration and I made too many tacos for the taco bar. So I have lived on tacos this whole week. Except the other night when I made Shake-n-Bake pork chops to break it up. I really love to cook everything from scratch when I can but sometimes time doesn’t allow. I am not going to beat myself up because you do what you gotta do, right?

This week I found myself googling prayers for those who are selling and buying homes. I am in that spot right now. I actually should be boxing up stuff to take to storage, but I felt like writing instead. We did find a place we are very interested in but I can’t say too much about it. Tomorrow we are going to meet the husband of the property (we only met the wife) and he is going to tell us more about the history of the property. We are really looking forward to it and hope we can work out some arrangement that will make this a done deal.

I am always moved to tears when I pray. I don’t know why but it is like a little acknowledgement that I am being heard. After I had my moment, I felt calmer about the situation. It really is in God’s hands. The thing is, we are going on 5 years of searching for THE spot. Patience is something I struggle with at times. I hope this is where being patient will pay off.

I am so thankful that I have something to turn to when I don’t have the answers. I know non-believers that don’t get it. But what I don’t get is where do they turn to in times of struggle? I think life would be very grey and cold without that love in it.

I thank God every day for all that I have. The ups and the downs. My family, my friends. Everything! My grandmother who is 100 years old and hanging in there with a sharp mind still has a faith that keeps us believing. The world is out of control at times but what keeps us from losing it is that faith.

If you are selling and buying a home, let me share these prayers that I found that really made an impact on me.

Be With Us In The Whole Process

Father God we thank You, that you brought us to this home and now we are sure that this is the right time for us to uproot from here and move away. Thank You that throughout our lives You have provided for us in so many ways, including this home and we pray that You will continue to provide and protect us as we seek to put this house up on the market for sale.

Lord, You have kept a roof over our heads through the past and I trust You Father to provide a home and shelter for us all in the future, as You have promised. You have told us not to worry about what to eat and what to wear and I believe that you do not want us to worry about where we are to live – for You have promised to be our Provider in all things and I trust You in this.

Lord, we do ask for Your blessing as we enter the process of selling our house and ask for Your leading and guidance throughout this process, knowing that You have scheduled every day of our lives and do not want us to worry or fear about the future.

Give us wisdom in the days that lie ahead and Father I pray that You would undertake in all things. Bring the right people into our lives for whom you have prepared for this place and we trust You to be with us throughout the entire process. Keep us from worry and may our eyes be upon You, in Jesus name I pray.


Bring The Right Buyer To Us 

Prayer Loving Lord, we need Your grace and wisdom today as we have to set about selling our home. Father we know that the housing situation today is very difficult, for few people are in a position to move into a new home, due to the increasingly difficult economic situation – nevertheless Lord, our lives are in Your hands and we trust You to lead and guide in this important decision that we are having to make.

Give us wisdom as we face this challenge and pray that You would bring the right buyer into our lives so that both they and we may be blessed by Your goodness.

Lord, we know that Your ways are not our ways and so we place this house sale into Your hands and trust that in Your time and in Your way You would bring us the right buyer – the one that You have chosen to come and live here.

Thank You Lord that You hear the cries of all Your children and we trust You to hear our prayer and answer in YOUR time and in Your way – Help me not to become discouraged and prevent me from trying to advise You what and how to help us! And so into Your hands we place this house sale and pray, Thy will be done in Jesus name.


Prayer For Our House Sale

Loving Father, I know that You are interested in every area of our lives and we find that we need to sell our house and so we are placing this need into Your hands, knowing that You have told us to cast ALL our cares upon You – for You care about every situation of our lives.

Lord we thank You for providing us with this home, but You also know the need to sell our home at this point in time, and want to place the entire selling process into Your hands – praying that You would be with us to lead and to guide during the entire sale.

Lord You also know who it is that needs to move into this house and Lord, we are trusting You to guide the right buyers to see it – and we pray that at the right time they may be able to purchase our home.

Lord into Your hands we commit our lives and our future in Jesus name.




This was taken at the house we are looking to purchase. I also believe in the benefits of using sage. It had a very calm vibe about it. I hope they have been looking for us as we have been looking for them.

Aren’t those prayers awesome? I do have the St. Joseph outside but these are really fitting to the way I feel. They were found on

Well the storage place is only open until noon today, so I have to really get over there now. I hope you have a great weekend and if you can, keep us in your prayers that this all works out for the way that is meant to be.

Thank You!! Love You!!! xoxo


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