Teens Times Two


Hi Everyone! It’s been a minute but here I am. Getting ready for a big weekend. A golden birthday for my baby! I used to stand in line at the grocery store seeing other mom’s with older children thinking it would be forever before I was there. My little 16 month old and my infant. My Irish twins, bada boom bada bing, 2 boys back-to-back. I was lucky. I didn’t have to spend a ton of money getting a bunch of girl stuff. When they were 4 and 3, then 7 and 6, it still felt like forever before they would be big boys.

And now, as of tomorrow January 13, 2018, I will have two teenagers in the house. It happened. They got big. Like really big. Size 14 shoes big. Taller than me big. Always hungry big. Mouths that don’t stop big! And it makes me kind of sad. I feel like time is running out, going too fast. My oldest has 4 years to go before he is an official adult. How can my baby who used to ride in his stroller tossing out his binky be almost old enough to drive? I know this is what is supposed to happen but darn it I wasn’t ready!

For Christmas, I bought a Thomas the Train Christmas movie to be funny. To remember the simpler days when we would play trains and take naps. My oldest was ready to commit me to the loony bin. Do other parents wish they could stop the clock and freeze time?

I guess that’s impossible. I have to accept the fact that they are two teenagers who have to find their way. I know I lived way too fast as a teenager. I had older friends that took me to older places. I can be thankful that at least the boys aren’t pulling any shenanigans the way I used to.

I must remember to be patient. They are hormonal and unpredictable. (Kind of like me!) They are good kids but cranky, tired, sometimes argumentative, and trying to figure everything out. They think they know it all and honestly haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. Oh teenagers. They do surprise me though. When given the right amount of  space, they come to me on their own with something they want me to know about. It warms my heart. After reading this paragraph again, I just had an aha moment. Even though I am an adult, I might as well be a teenager again. I am at an age where things are changing and are new for me. I don’t know what to expect from day to day. I have a ton of stress that at times feels like screaming is the only way out. WOW. Middle aged and teen-aged. Same in some ways. I think the answer is to all go easy on ourselves. This too shall pass!

Well enough of this sappy stuff. I have a taco bar to shop for and cake pops to make and as many gold decorations as I can come up with for this special day. I hope you all stay warm this weekend. Gonna be another cold one here. Til next time….xoxo


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