Happy New You Year!

Happy New Year! 2018 here we come!! There’s a lot of ambition in my heart about this new year but for now I am avoiding the -7 temperature outside and writing from my couch wrapped in my magic pink fuzzy blanket. Hey, at least I am honest and realistic and owning that I am a big baby when it comes to the cold. I think the sun is out so maybe I will crack the blinds to get some light in. Yes, sunshine and a cup of coffee. That’s a little more like it.

So did everyone have a great holiday season? Ours was different. Quieter. We wanted it to be like that since we really needed to recharge our batteries as a family. The constant going and going and going, hubby working through weekends, we needed a family time out. Sure we missed some people but it was better for us to chill out. We saw our immediate family and that was nice. It’s been awhile since I was at my in-laws house around Christmas since they usually come by me, but this year we went to them and their tree was gorgeous!

All silver and red, beads and sparkly sprigs, oh my!! It was beautiful! At least I got to enjoy someone’s tree because mine was all sad with just lights due to an incredibly curious 10 month old kitty named Louie. Hopefully next year he will behave. 😹

So now it’s time to make that list of goals for 2018. There’s something about a clean slate. We can’t really erase the past but we can learn from it and make ourselves a better version of before. Life is constantly moving right? So we need to keep moving with it. Moving. That is my biggest thing on the agenda for 2018. We built our house in 2001 and are ready to move to a bigger property that can function also as our work place. We have no idea where we will end up but know it will be somewhere that will require an all in family commitment. The boys are about to see what going from a quarter acre to possibly 5 or more is like. I hear motors of all sorts….dirt bikes…4 wheelers…..etc. I am slightly sentimental about my house but my logical side is telling me there’s a new adventure out there just waiting for us to take it and make it our own.

Then there’s the usual eat better, drink less, exercise more…..yeah yeah yeah…..we will try! We were so busy at the end of the year that we ate out way too much. It’s time to bust out those cookbooks and plan meals again. No more of that panic that sets in around 5 p.m. when everyone is asking what’s for dinner?

I also want to step outside my comfort zone more. Challenge myself more. Learn more. Read more. Photograph more. Create more. It’s how I am wired and I need to embrace it rather than put it aside. This just might be THE year. I sort of jump started it with this blog. And I thank you so much for checking it out. My goal is to inspire and keep it real. To do the best with what I have and to make myself what I don’t have. I am hoping our new home has a little corner in the workshop for me to create things for people to enjoy and to make a few bucks doing so too. There are so many opportunities ahead it just has to come to surface.

Whatever your goals are this year, I hope they are met and then some. Nothing happens if you don’t go for it. So here’s to you!! Wishing you all a successful, healthy new year! 😘

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