Mom H’s Candy Pretzels


My mother in law is quite the woman. (And I’m not just saying that because she is usually first to like or comment on my posts!) She really showed me a lot of things when I was a younger girl dating her son. I have been around for 23 years!! We have a long history. I right now am the age she was when she met me. So it’s like how would I take it right now if I met a girl that my son was going to marry someday? WHOA!! Well thankfully my guys have quite some time before I am meeting anyone on that level!

Whenever it was Christmas and Mom H. made her cookies, she always had these pretzels alongside them. They were my favorite, along with her Raspberry Thumbprints aka Italian Nut Balls. They are so good. (If you are reading this and can only make one cookie this year, can it please be those??!)

The pretzels are so easy. A lot of people already know how to do this. But if you are a 20 something and just starting out, you will never disappoint the recipient of these handmade treats.



I am really digging this Yummly plug in. It’s going to be very handy real soon as the recipes are going to get more detailed.

Ok it’s getting late. I wish I was superhuman and didn’t need sleep. But I am tired. I took advantage of almost 50 degree temps today and was outside raking the last of the leaves. I can’t believe I am not shoveling snow right now. This is crazy Illinois!! Not sure if a White Christmas is in our forecast. This is a bizarre weather pattern we are in.

Until tomorrow……xoxo Andrea



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