Amanda’s Nut Clusters

Hello everyone! Here I am finally getting to try out this Yummly plug in. I am so not the techie person but approaching 2018, I am going to do my best to use what is out there. It’s there to make our lives easier and better, right?

I always start off the baking with not actually baking. It’s my way of getting the easy stuff out of the way, and dirtying up the double boiler all at once and then putting it away until next year. Some people like to melt their chocolate in the microwave. I do not, even though my microwave has a melt chocolate button. I guess I like my Pyrex double boiler because it’s rare and reminds me of the past. I really like antiques and stuff that has a history. Modern gadgets have their place too in my kitchen but it just depends on what I am doing. I like to melt chocolate slowly, and constantly stirring it.

I think I have seen this candy called crock pot candy, but I don’t want to lug out the crock pot for this. My friend Amanda told me about these and I had to try them. They are so good!! Perfect sweet and salty. And the kids love to help make them. I have two teenage boys so you can imagine the things they come up with while helping. It usually ends up with some belly aching laughter.



So this is how I kick off my Christmas baking every year. They offer a different texture to my treats and are very satisfying!

In less than 30 minutes you can whip up these treats like nothing!


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