It’s So Easy Cranberries


Hey there! How’s everyone doing? I am getting ready to get a few more items from the store for Thursday and thought I would share one of the quickest recipes I own. It’s for my Grandma Elvira’s cranberry relish. It is always a staple at holiday time. It is one of those dishes that needs a few days to hang out and party in the fridge, so 48 hours is good, 4 days is better. I wish I posted sooner but I just made my batch last night and remembered I need to share this with you! So try it, let me know what you think. It’s simplicity, scent, and refreshing-almost palette cleansing quality is what keeps me making it year after year. Oh and it’s from my Grandma. Gotta run, ttyl! 😘


    • Thank You! It’s refreshing. I saw others on Pinterest that are similar. Maybe it was the thing back in the day?

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