Magnificent Mike Masks & Perimenopausal Mayhem


Well hello!! It’s been a week since my father-n-laws 70th birthday and it’s been non-stop running around since. Basketball season is here and my days are long. So I am stealing what few minutes I have before kickboxing to chat here.

Look at those faces!!! My sister-n-law Jamie had this idea to have different stages of our father-n-law put on these masks to surprise him with. They were such a huge hit! She really hit a home run with those. Funny, we were at Home Run Inn. No wonder it was so freaking awesome!! 🙂

Okay, corny jokes aside, it was a really good time. There were no details left out.  I think he was surprised and touched. Mike is the kind of guy that you like as soon as you meet him. He is loaded with jokes and after 23 years he still keeps me laughing. My husband took after his dad for sure in this way. But then again my mother-n-law is pretty funny too. So maybe that is their secret? A good sense of humor?  He’s got a great personality and makes you feel loved and respected always. It’s pretty mutual.

A couple years ago, he had a major surgery that took out his pancreas, part of his stomach, part of his small intestine, and gall bladder. We are so lucky to still have him! He is diabetic now because of that and has to deal with insulin. It’s been a huge life changer for him. I think having this party was finally something fun in his honor.

So I was having a good time, and a lot of Stella. I should know better than to try and keep up with a bunch of Bohemian guys with iron livers! My disadvantage was that I did not eat any food all day. So when it hit me there was no warning. I was full of excitement and emotion from the party but then I turned into this crying mess of boo-hoo-I-love-you. Leave it to my sister Dee to say, “At least you weren’t Mf’n anyone!” ha ha ha! Only us.

I remember saying “I’m Italian! I cry!” My grandma and mom would cry when they were happy or emotional. I can’t help the way I am wired. But this was different. I can’t blame it all on the beer because I notice it happens out of the blue when I am not drinking. So what is it? After talking to a close friend and using good old Dr. Google, I have come to the conclusion that I am experiencing perimenopause. I mean, I will be 44 in August. I guess it’s true. I am changing. My attitude and mindset have been with me my entire life. So I don’t feel different there. But I know these sappy moments hit hard lately.

If there’s one thing you never have to question, it’s that if I say I love you, I really mean it. It’s so important to let people know. I have lost too many people over the last few years that I would give anything to have back. Some people suppress their emotions and I just can’t do that. It’s physically impossible. But I do know that they are being toyed with by hormonal changes and if there’s anything I can offer as far as advice goes, try not to be so hard on yourself. Grab your closest girlfriend and go to breakfast or save having a few drinks for quality time with someone really close to you so that if the water works come, you won’t be explaining yourself later.

I believe Mike was in Vietnam for his real 21st and had no idea it was even his birthday. 🙁


Well, time is ticking….and I have to run again. We are a week before Thanksgiving so let’s think about what we are cooking. I will be back later with some of our must have family favorites. Have a great day! xoxo

Thank You Jamie and for rocking those masks!


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