Strawberry Lovin’ and the Name Game


Good Morning! Sipping my coffee and looking out the window wishing summer never had to end. Does that tell me something, like maybe I should live somewhere that feels like summer every day? Oh I hope it’s in my future someday! I was born in the summer, Aug. 15 and am a sun loving Leo to a T.

Well this little picture here of my daiquiris I took two summers ago was my aha! moment. I know I got a strong sense of needing to capture moments from my family. I remember my Grandma Peggy and her Kodak camera with the little flash cube on it. She took so many pictures back in the day, and now that she’s gone, my sister and I have all of them.

My eye sees everything as art. It’s crazy at times. I literally have 1000’s of pictures. The files on my computer are overwhelming. I keep saying one day I will get them all in the scrapbook but you know….life gets in the way.

One tradition I have tried to pass on to my children is strawberry picking. I eventually want to go blueberry picking. Did you know dogs & cats (at least mine do) love a fresh blueberry? I never saw an animal beg for blueberries before. But back to strawberries. I just love them. The color, the shape, the taste, the smell. They make me feel like a little kid with my Strawberry Shortcake doll.


My parents every year would pack us up in the car and drive all the way from Berwyn, IL to Thompson’s Strawberry Farm in Bristol, WI. It felt like it took years to get there (only an hour twenty, if that) and then it felt like we were there for an eternity. Picking strawberries for hours in the blazing sun. Back then there was no sunscreen applied every hour. There was no such thing as a water bottle. How the heck did I survive?








The day was usually wrapped up at the Brat Stop which is right down the street. My sisters and I would get string cheese and see who could make theirs last the longest on the ride home. We used to do some goofy things. Wait, used to? Bahhh haaa haaa!!!!

This summer was the first time in about 5 years that we couldn’t go picking. The weather and our schedules would not cooperate. It was too hot and no one wants to drive all that way for berries and come home with mush. So I am hoarding my last few bags in the freezer for when I really need a fix! The first good snowstorm we have, I am gonna bust them out and make daiquiris to remind myself that there are better days ahead.

The day I made these particular daiquiris, I couldn’t get over the brightness of the red. My knockout roses were also rocking and things just started adding up in my head and I was like “Photo op!!”

That little mirror tray they are on: Goodwill. Probably paid $2.99 for that tray. It’s gorgeous in my eyes and is used for all holidays. I always joke that should I ever be a millionaire someday, I would probably still go treasure hunting at Goodwill once in awhile.

So as my husband Rob and I were sitting outside enjoying our drinks, I was so freaking proud of my photo I just blurted out “I am a domestic goddess extraordinaire!” Not sure if it was the rum kicking in, but I liked the sound of it and it kind of made sense to me. “Homemaker” lacks pizzazz. So after a good laugh and going on about our day, I had something to identify with what it is I actually do for my family.

It doesn’t mean I am perfect or better than anyone. It means I take what I have and make the best of it. I see the beauty in simplicity. I feel guided at times by a higher power. I want my family to know they are worth the time and effort to eat well. I want my friends and family to know I put love into hosting them.

Do I go over the top? Sometimes. But to me it’s not a big deal. When you do something for so long, (16 years!) it becomes second nature. I honestly don’t know any other way to be.

I do make a lot of things from scratch. But there are times I take shortcuts. Life does get busy and you have to roll with it. If you can have a day to be cozy at home and bust out the rolling pin and all your kitchen gadgets, go for it! Your family is worth it!

Much love to you all but I have to get ready for the big 7-0 party for my father in law. It’s going to be great. I’ll leave you with this recipe for daiquiris just in case you ever get the chance to have an abundance of fresh strawberries. Later on I will post lots of other strawberry favorites. And NO! Store bought strawberries are not the same! You can try it but don’t blame me if they aren’t as red and delicious as fresh picked!

Strawberry Daiquiri

2 C fresh or frozen strawberries (If frozen use less ice)

1/2 C light rum

3 T Turbanado sugar

1 T lime juice

1 C crushed ice (I don’t have this feature on my fridge, so I just use a couple handfuls of ice. It’s going to get blended anyway!)

Blend in a blender until smooth. I always top off my drinks with a little splash more of liquor, for good luck. 😉




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