Bad Ass Breakfast

img_6646Good Morning Everyone! It’s Friday and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Friday. I have literally 15 mins. before I have to get ready for work but I just wanted to share something that makes me ridiculously happy.

This here my friends is ultimate mom rebellion!! You see, my family has a serious gripe with arugula. I can’t figure it out. They hate it big time! I freaking love the stuff. It’s so peppery and has a little crunch. I love it and will order anything on a menu in a restaurant that mentions it. I feel like I have to eat it on the sneak to avoid hearing all the unwarranted bitching that happens over this little green leaf!

Last year around Thanksgiving, I went with my good friend Audrey over to her friend Irina’s  house to help her make a Thanksgiving type wreath as a gift for her sons teachers. We watched Bad Moms and sipped on mimosas and I tried the BEST coffee I have ever had. It was my first time having Turkish coffee. That stuff will expand your coffee horizons for sure. All of this was happening at 10:00 a.m. Not a bad start to the day. It was a Friday too if I remember correctly.

Irina is someone who I would consider my foodie soul mate. I finally met a person who loved to cook as much as I do. She made all of us omelets with whatever we wanted in them. When I saw the goat cheese as an option, I was intrigued. I never really gave goat cheese a chance until now. Well let me tell you, when you warm that stuff up, it’s very tasty!


I will never forget meeting such a warm hostess. Having a great cook feed you is like going on a mini-vacation for a few minutes. It is great meeting new people and trying new things. Thank you for the wonderful time Irina and to Audrey for always introducing me to fun people.

So have a great Friday and weekend! Try something new this weekend! A new food, a new band, anything!! Life goes quick so keep it interesting!

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  1. Hi Andrea, It was awesome having you lady in my home – and it’s even more awesome to meet someone who loves to cook as well! You are wonderful! I”ll for sure keep an eye on your blog – best of luck with it! Hugs, Irina Allison

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