So this is happening!

IMG_5655Hello blog world! I cannot believe I am actually doing this. It took years of me wondering what it would be like to have a blog. Well today I decided to stop jerking around and just do it already! There are so many out there. Why not one more? It can’t hurt- right?

I saw this Life is Sweet writing on a wall at Navy Pier in Chicago this summer. We were there to see the Rolling Stones Exhibitionism exhibit. I was blown away by all of the memorabilia. Actual handwritten songs from the legends themselves. Guitars for days. All that history was right there in front of my face. And I was in awe. I really love the Stones. And so many other bands. I am a Rock-n-Roll Junkie. I just love music period.

When Prince died, I had to run out and get the symbol tattooed on me.

This is how I finally got to stop crying.

He was such a huge part of my childhood. I saw Purple Rain about a thousand times and sang every word on every song like it was the most natural thing for my 12 year old self to do. Being older doesn’t change anything. I still have to sing along. To every word on every song.

So I guess you could say, because of music, I have one hell of an outlook on life. It got me through some darkness.  It healed my broken heart. It was the balls I needed when I had to face something tough. It was my middle finger waving in the air when I didn’t care. It is and always will be how I cope. I cannot live without it. It makes me happy. It gets my head right.

I get so sad when a musician leaves us. Just this week it was Tom Petty. I respected him as a great story teller through his songs. And the style he had was pretty cool, too. They are human and we forget that. They do part this world. And that reminded me, hey chick, life is short. You need to do that blog thing you want so badly.

So here I am.  Andrea- a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend til the end, let’s have fun kind of chick. I have been cooking since I was really little. Like 6 or 7 maybe? My mom always said my first meal was hot dogs and baked potatoes. Maybe I thought fries were too much work? Ha! I can’t remember. That was so long ago! But I will say, I kick ass now in the kitchen. This blog will have recipes and photos of food. Really good food. Some stuff will be easy and some stuff you’re gonna roll your sleeves up and get to work. And you will love it. (Hopefully!)

I love my home and my yard. Of course I have my dream home in my mind, but this little first house has had it’s share of memories that are priceless. We tried to sell a year ago and I am so thankful it didn’t sell. I wasn’t ready.  Things happen for a reason. This blog will share some of my favorite holiday decorating and little DIY projects that we’ve taken on.

There will be other things as I figure this all out. I am a homemaker but I need to be made too! There is something about getting myself together that sets the tone for productivity. I don’t care if I am going to the grocery store or a night on the town, a lady has her hair done and lipstick on. Sure there are days when I am fine without it, but most of the time, I need to be put together. This blog will share some health and beauty tips.

Another thing I love to do is write. I love words. I have written eulogies for my sister, 2 grandmothers, my husbands grandmother, and my mother. It is painful but healing at the same time. I just get this wave of words that pour out of me. I have been doing that since high school. Maybe it was how I sorted things out. I stopped for awhile. Like I went dormant. One night about 2 years ago we were downtown seeing my friends band play and just like that the spark was there again. I was writing again. So this blog will share some cool words, poetry, ideas…everything is mine and all original.

I guess the goal here is to inspire others. To take someone who is afraid to cook and show them it’s not so bad. To show you how to create an outdoor area that will be your own little oasis. To get you to stop and listen to your creative soul that is screaming for release! To give you a soundtrack to your life. This is for my kids to look at someday and say “Mom Rocked!” There’s so much in me that needs to just get out already!

I look forward to what this little blog can be. Please be patient with me as I have no idea what I am doing!

Goodnight for now!

Until next time-



    • Thank You so much! There is so much I still have to learn but I am just going for it. I appreciate the encouragement!

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