The Night the Magic Came Back.


February 5, 2016 was the night that the stars were in alignment and in our favor. The night that turned things around for good. Did you ever have a night so good, like SO SO SO good you keep replaying it in your head over and over no matter how much time passes by?

Yes, Ladies & Gentlemen, that was this night. Some of you younger people probably get to go out every weekend. Hitting the clubs is no big deal, right? Well, let me tell you- my sister and I were hitting the clubs before you were even born!

I started to going to places around Chicago when I was 15 years old. I picked up on the vibe of our city immediately. There is a magic that lingers downtown that includes you in it’s mystery if you let it. It’s really sad how such a beautiful city can also have such a horrible crime rate. Believe me, it’s a gamble every time we go out. I seriously pray my Guardian Angel is with me and gets us home in one piece.

I could write a bunch of different stories about adventures downtown, but for now I will stick to this one. This one is special because it was the night I felt alive again. I mean, every day I know I am alive, but for the last decade I have been a mom. Hardcore mom 24/7, raising 2 of the finest young men I have ever known. I take this job very seriously. The best thing in the world to me is their unconditional love. They really are awesome kids on their own merit but it took my husband and myself sacrificing our lives a bit to give them a good one. So going out for us didn’t happen much. The typical dinner/movie night was our date night. Isn’t that what all married couples with kids do?

Well it just so happens that my good friend from high school is in a band. An all original band right from the Windy City. And they were playing out that night downtown at the Debonair Social Club. The boys were getting older, and actually encouraged us to go out.

It never gets old. The minute you see that skyline lit up, you get excited.

So I busted out what I call my “Rockstar Pants”,  which are a pair of kick ass Michael Kors snap up the sides, flair bottom, zippers everywhere pants. The most kick ass thing about those pants is I scored them with the tag on them for $6 at Goodwill. HA!! And they were made for me! My mom used to say finds like that were Divine Intervention, that God himself wanted me to have those pants! Oh how I miss her. Anyway, I think I wore a Black4 shirt, (my friends band) and my fuzzy leopard coat. February in Chicago, you get cold!! So yeah, I am looking like I am ready to get crazy! Those pants are freaking magical too. The clothes don’t make the man, they say, but I think they sure can give you a boost of confidence when they rock!

The Debonair is my kind of club. It’s dark. I like dark. Black velvet drapes on the windows, booths along the sides , a huge bar in the middle. Pretty good looking staff. It’s a fun place. Downstairs is a totally different club.  All dance music. You get the best of both worlds. The pink background on my header is actually from the ladies bathroom there!

My friends band played and as usual we were surrounded by close friends. It is always like being at a great party with everyone there. We get nuts when that music comes on. Like whatever you were bothered about earlier, disappears. You rock it out! I hadn’t thrashed in years, but something just got into me and I let loose. It started a chain that is still going strong today. We were really spoiled last year when the guys were playing like every month. That is where “rockstar living” came from. We have to work. Every damn day. But we also need to have fun and let loose. So you squeeze it all in and make it happen. The best of both worlds in my book.

At Debonair, after the headliner band plays, the gear gets broken down and it becomes a dance club. So crazy how in 15 minutes, you switched gears and are totally dancing on platforms. Yep, sister and me got up on those platforms and danced all night long. Unbelievable right, 40 somethings having so much sweaty fun? And the music!! It’s sooooo good when it’s that loud! Something happened when sister and me were in a total groove and lost in the music where it clicked in my head this was going to be the best night ever.

My husband and I shared a kiss during Adventure Of a Lifetime that was like a scene out of a movie. I think sparks were shooting off of us. It totally reconnected us though. It was a whole night of catching these little magical moments. Every time I set out for a night, I think of it as an adventure. What will happen, who will we meet? Where will we end up? I was so happy to be reintroduced to this part of myself. Just by deciding to go out one night.

There is a pretty good chance you will end up in the drive thru at White Castle at 3 a.m.

I met some very cool people that night. Most people are cool if you are. I hugged a person because they had the same fuzzy leopard coat that I had on. They were happy to be appreciated. I’m all about having a good time. This night just set it up for more nights to come. Thank you stars and Universe for getting us out that night. We are alive and need to celebrate it often. Don’t let the crazy world make you afraid.

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